Bella Gingell

“All the Leaves Fell Down”


Bode Museum, Berlin (by Nomadic Vision Photography)

Things I need in the Hunchback musical:

  1. A politically-centered theme focusing on power and who has it and how it effects the characters. 
  2. An overall undertone exploring what it means to be an outcast.
  3. A humongous God-fearing powerful score.
  4. An aesthetic resembling dark, dirty, Gothic, and Holy.
  5. PoC casting. 
  6. Over the top, Pippin-esque Topsy Turvy number.
  7. Actual big bells. BIG FUCKING BEAUTIFUL BELLS ON SET.I want a number sung in them and I want the sound to be engineered to sound like angels singing inside of those bells
  8. Dreamy as heck Pheobus.
  9. A latin prayer song sung by a huge men’s choir sung accapella with a hidden meaning underscoring and leading into A HUGE INSTRUMENTAL and into Hell Fire (that will also have prologue the musical..
  10. Historically accurate costuming, writing, set-design, and approach.
  11. Esmerelda. Make her the role every woman wants to play. Give her the strength of Elpheba and the emotional range of Bonnie Parker. 


lavender sprig by Lisa Maurine.